Building a business is not an easy task, we understand what your business needs to be fully functional.

Back Office

Building a business is a tedious job which needs to be done correctly from the start. We at Logical Edge Services Inc understand that on our own experience. The usual misconception that IT is related only to computers and software has long been dissipated. We can help you build your back office from scratch so that your business is prepared to meet the world. From online business representation to phone systems we have got you covered with all the tools that you need to make your business fully functional and function smoothly. With our expertise we can work with various platforms to provide your business the edge it needs to be successful in the long run.

Web Development

With the evolution of E commerce, it has become a necessity for a business to be accessible online and have all the tools required for a business to run online. At Logical Edge Services Inc we provide your business with a complete set of web development services required for the success of your business. Our dedicated web development team provides web design, web development, online marketing and mobile application services to make sure that your business is fully equipped for the world wide web. Our applications include high end websites, online shops, project management systems, CRM software’s and many more.

Fax Setup

Even though the internet has provided us with all the tools for effective exchange of documentation, there are still a lot of businesses that utilize or require a conventional fax setup. At Logical Edge Services Inc we are fully equipped to provide you with a reliable fax setup. Using the latest innovations in technology we can help you setup a fully functional fax setup which can utilize a conventional fax equipment or use your existing VOIP and IT environment to provide you with a fast, secure and cost effective fax solution that is tailored to your business needs. Contact us today for a free Fax setup consultation.

VOIP Solutions

Digital telephony or Voice over IP is next in the world of voice communications. At Logical Edge Services Inc we provide with a complete array of VOIP solutions that are customized to meet your business requirements. Using your existing internet service we can setup complete phone systems that are reliable, secure with amazing voice quality and at the fraction of a cost of your regular phone service. Call us today to discuss how your business can benefit from setting up a VOIP solution from Logical Edge Services Inc.

MAC Support

As Apple becomes more and more business oriented, many businesses are turning towards Apple products for their IT infrastructure. Logical Edge Services Inc provides you with a complete spectrum of MAC support from installation to corporate setup. With our MAC support services our expert technicians can help you with troubleshooting, upgrades and software support for your MAC. Our services include hardware diagnosis, repair and upgrades, software implementation/support and much more.

PC Repair & Upgrades

Logical Edge Services Inc provides reliable PC/Laptop repair and upgrade services at competitive pricing with immediate delivery.

Managed IT Services

Logical Edge Services Inc provides a wide array of managed services which include networking, server management, cyber security and data restoration.

Email Solutions

Logical Edge Services Inc provides you with reliable, secure and fast email solutions based on Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps or custom Email servers.

Web Development

Logical edge Services Inc provides custom web development services for your business which includes amazing web design, web development, CRM, ERP softwares and more.
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