Keep tabs on network threats, viruses and malware that threaten your valuable data

Intrusion Prevention

Corporate data security is one of the top priorities for all businesses which us why corporate networks are highly susceptible to external attacks. We at Logical Edge Services proactively monitor your corporate network to prevent data theft and hacker attacks. We constantly monitor client machines for virus and ransomware infections to keep your network safe from internal and external threats.

Antivirus & Antimalware

Logical Edge Services Inc uses only the industry recommended antivirus and anti-malware solutions for your business. This ensures that the security software’s are standards compliant, regularly updated and efficiently prevent viruses or malware’s from effecting your business machines and network. We keep a constant check on the latest threats and take proactive measures to prevent any network breaches from harming your business.

Data Restoration

Data loss can happen for various reasons and in the unfortunate event where data is lost or destroyed we can help you restore your data. While there are several big names that provide data restoration services the downside is the high cost of restoration that is associated with these services. At Logical Edge Services Inc we usually plan for such contingencies in advance but due to various reasons when data is not accessible like no backup availability, hardware failures or data encryption due to virus/malware infections, we can help you get your valuable data back for a fraction of the cost.

Data Back Ups

With huge amounts of data being populated by businesses Data Backup has become a huge necessity for any business. Not only is data required to be stored for various corporate and legal requirements, it is very necessary to have reliable backups to keep corporate data safe in case of hardware failures, virus and malware infections. Logical Edge Services Inc implements data backups locally on your servers and use cloud services from industry leaders to keep your data backed up safely. The process is implemented seamlessly in your existing infrastructure and backups can scheduled for any interval as per your business requirements.

Proactive Monitor

Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure – A philosophy that we follow at Logical Edge Services Inc religiously. Our Proactive Monitoring service makes sure that every aspect of your business IT infrastructure is covered and looked after for any issues that may arise. We regularly maintain, update and check each and every aspect of your IT infrastructure for any vulnerabilities and potential risks to make sure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly and so that that issues are proactively taken care even before they arise.

PC Repair & Upgrades

Logical Edge Services Inc provides reliable PC/Laptop repair and upgrade services at competitive pricing with immediate delivery.

Managed IT Services

Logical Edge Services Inc provides a wide array of managed services which include networking, server management, cyber security and data restoration.

Email Solutions

Logical Edge Services Inc provides you with reliable, secure and fast email solutions based on Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps or custom Email servers.

Web Development

Logical edge Services Inc provides custom web development services for your business which includes amazing web design, web development, CRM, ERP softwares and more.
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