PC Repair&Upgrades. server setup, networking, email solutions and more specifically tailored for your business.

Our Services

Logical Edge Services Inc is a leading IT services provider. From computer repair/upgrades to complete IT infrastructure setup from scratch Logical Edge Services Inc is a one stop solution for all your business IT requirements.

Server Setup

Every business has its own requirements which is why it is very important to get the right servers for your IT infrastructure. At Logical Edge Services Inc we study every aspect of your business in order to provide you with the perfect server solution for your business. From storage systems to high performing server environments each setup is tailor built to meet your business requirements.


Network is the nervous system of any IT infrastructure. Without a proper network setup even the most high end IT infrastructure will not perform optimally which reduces the productivity of your staff and business. We at Logical Edge have a deep understanding of the fundamentals, insight and experience to setup networks of any complexity so that your company network performs with lightning fast speeds, is reliable and secure at any given time.

PC Repair & Upgrades

Computers need to be upgraded from time to time be it software or hardware. At Logical Edge Services Inc. we have a deep understanding of both software and hardware which is why any upgrades are checked for compatibility and cost effectiveness. All repairs are done as per PC/Laptop manufacturer guidelines to make sure that they work as they were designed to.

Email Setup

Email has become the backbone of corporate communication and choosing the wrong setup is a mistake that will cost you time and money. At Logical Edge Services Inc we analyse your business in order to choose the right email setup for you. We work with Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, Office 365 and custom email servers depending on your business requirements.

PC Repair & Upgrades

Logical Edge Services Inc provides reliable PC/Laptop repair and upgrade services at competitive pricing with immediate delivery.

Managed IT Services

Logical Edge Services Inc provides a wide array of managed services which include networking, server management, cyber security and data restoration.

Email Solutions

Logical Edge Services Inc provides you with reliable, secure and fast email solutions based on Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps or custom Email servers.

Web Development

Logical edge Services Inc provides custom web development services for your business which includes amazing web design, web development, CRM, ERP softwares and more.
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