Get the professionals to manage your IT infrastructure

Managed Services

Taking IT services to a whole new level with managed services from Logical Edge Inc so that you can focus on your business while. With our Managed Services you can have your own dedicated IT team while keeping IT costs in control.

Server Management

To keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly servers need to be updated, serviced and monitored on a regular basis. With Logical Edges Services Inc server management services you never have to worry about your servers. We take proactive steps to maintain your servers to avoid downtime, keep your IT infrastructure secure and perform hardware/software upgrades as required.

Email Management

Businesses rely heavily on email for communication and it is one of the most common forms of file exchange between management, staff, partners and clients. It is a critical link that requires constant monitoring and maintenance. With our managed email services you can be at peace that your email is always functioning no matter the device. Our services include monitoring, email archiving/storage, exchange server management and spam protection.

Managed Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important aspects of your IT infrastructure as it runs your websites, applications, emails, CRM’s etc and requires a specific skill set to manage it. With Logical Edge Services Inc you get a reliable and knowledgeable partner to cater to all your hosting requirements customized for your business. Our managed hosting services include cloud hosting, vps hosting, storage, email hosting and many more.

Network Management

With the increase of network intrusions which include brute force and virus attacks, network monitoring has become a necessity for all businesses. Our network management services include constant network monitoring for external as well as internal threats/vulnerabilities, managing of routers, modems, switches and maintenance so that your network works seamlessly and securely.

PC Repair & Upgrades

Logical Edge Services Inc provides reliable PC/Laptop repair and upgrade services at competitive pricing with immediate delivery.

Managed IT Services

Logical Edge Services Inc provides a wide array of managed services which include networking, server management, cyber security and data restoration.

Email Solutions

Logical Edge Services Inc provides you with reliable, secure and fast email solutions based on Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps or custom Email servers.

Web Development

Logical edge Services Inc provides custom web development services for your business which includes amazing web design, web development, CRM, ERP softwares and more.
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