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Do you have an emergency? Do you want a reliable IT team but do not want long term contracts or commitments? Do you want professionals to take care of your IT infrastructure?

Don’ wait until your IT infrastructure slows down your business. We are here to help so that your business maintains peak performance, your staff is efficient and productive, while keeping your IT expenses in control.

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Emergency Service

Access our vast technical support resources with a simple phone call! We guarantee that one of our technicians will respond to your trouble report within 15 minutes. The technician will identify the problem and will provide any assistance necessary to solve it over the telephone. There is no limit to the amount or length of calls. Avoid frustration and loss of revenue due to lengthy computer down time! We guarantee that our experienced technicians will be on your location within 4 hours of the incident report. We will perform the immediate problem assessment and complete repairs.

Monthly Contract

Prevent the problems from happening, avoid expensive emergency service, and keep your computer systems running at peak efficiency! Our dedicated field technicians will visit your location every month and perform preventive maintenance and complete checkup of your computers. During those visits, we will update your operating system and antivirus software, check resource availability and system performance, and perform hard drive integrity check and optimization. Unlimited on-site technical assistance for any software or hardware in the supported location. With a 24-hour advance notice, we guarantee that our expert staff will personally resolve any malfunction, conflict, or failure of your computer system.

Yearly Contract

Our mission is to provide technical innovation and excellence in the implementation, service and support of comprehensive computer solutions to a broad customer base. We are committed to providing cost effective solutions thereby maximizing our value to customers. Get a peace of mind knowing that your IT department is just a call away be it an emergency, regular maintenance or upgrade. Enjoy best prices on the latest hardware and software to keep your IT infrastructure in top shape.

PC Repair & Upgrades

Logical Edge Services Inc provides reliable PC/Laptop repair and upgrade services at competitive pricing with immediate delivery.

Managed IT Services

Logical Edge Services Inc provides a wide array of managed services which include networking, server management, cyber security and data restoration.

Email Solutions

Logical Edge Services Inc provides you with reliable, secure and fast email solutions based on Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps or custom Email servers.

Web Development

Logical edge Services Inc provides custom web development services for your business which includes amazing web design, web development, CRM, ERP softwares and more.
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